Project Leaders

Project Leaders

Monroe County Eye & Glucose Screening – John Diehm

Loudon County School Vision Screening – Curt Isakson

Good Sam’s Health Screening – Bruce Johnson & Ron Lockhart

Golf-for-Sight Tournament – Howard Higby,  Larry Elder & Maureen Beyel

Chili Dinner – Perry Sylvester & Larry Stickler

Octoberfest – Curt Isakson & Bruce Johnson

Lenoir City Arts Festival – Larry Taylor & Harry Rucker

Habitat for Humanity – Curt Isakson

Greetings/Get Well Team – John Diehm

Flyer Delivery – Larry Taylor & Maureen Beyel Perry Sylvester

Eye Glass & Pill Bottle Recycling- Dennis VanWormer

Publicity Chairman – open

Pill Bottle Collections- Dennis VanWormer &  Wayne DeLawter

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