The Officers for the Tellico Village Lions Club for 2017 – 2018 are:

  • President Ed Roeber
  • Immediate Past President Margaret Van Wormer
  • First Vice President Larry Elder
  • Second Vice President Ron Lockhart
  • Third Vice President Rosie Sylvester
  • Secretary Harmon Towne
  • Treasurer John Diehm
  • Tail Twister Gerald Edgell, Jr.
  • Lion Tamer Randy Heiden
  • Membership Chairwoman Rosie Sylvester and Doris Catani
  • Directors: , Bill Adams,  Maureen Beyel, Perry Sylvester, Chris Garner, Curt Isakson, and Wayne DeLawter
  • Publicity Chairman  Richard Kolasheski


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Lions Logo 2